Aquífero Llanos de Apan

Aquífero Llanos de Apan

Joining efforts to recover and protect the biome

Preserving the health of the Llanos de Apan aquifer

Erosion has removed several meters of soil around the Llanos de Apan Aquifer, a region vulnerable to inadequate management of natural resources in the Mexican state of Hidalgo. In the affected areas, vegetation growth is hampered and, without natural barriers to stop them, the waters end up inundating nearby villages. To address this situation, the project aims to retain more water in the vicinity, revitalizing the aquifer. Restoration will be carried out holistically, using reforestation with native species (Maguei, Nopal, Zimbro, Carvalho and Pinho) as a catalyst to prevent erosion from escalating, reverse soil degradation, rehabilitate water bodies and provide environmental education, ensuring continuity of conservation efforts. The initiative will work closely with the Ejidos community to directly restore an initial 100-hectare area. Another 3,000 hectares will be restored indirectly, through the Pastor Program - which aims to provide alternative sources of food for cattle. From these strategies, the aquifer will be nourished and restored, helping local communities to thrive.

Focus of Action

Biomes: Matorral Xerófilo, Tascate Forest, Matorral Crasicuale - Mexico

Region: Hidalgo

Partner: Toroto

Objective: Prevent escalation of erosion in the area and preserve the health of the aquifer. Create sustainable sources of income for local communities through free training in honey, agave and regenerative pasture production.

Goal: Restoration of 3,100 hectares

Carbon to be captured (tCO2e): 930,000 tons of CO2

Socio-environmental impact

Families/Producers Benefited: 1,358

People Benefited: 5,432

Hectares: 3,100

Municipality: Almolova (HID)

Population: 11,294

Properties: 7

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